Say No to Mobility Issues! 3 Ways to Make Daily Life Just a Little Easier

Many people have different levels of mobility, but some people are less mobile than others. It's not as though you're going to let your mobility issues stop you from living your life, but it would be nice if some aspects of day-to-day living were simpler. If your mobility is affected by a pre-existing condition or simply through aging, chances are that you're going to benefit from a number of ways to make life less complicated, whether it's at home or when you're out and about.

1. Out and About

While mobility aids (such as a wheelchair or other support device) are designed to help you in your daily life, it can sometimes be problematic when you try to use them in conjunction with other forms of transport. It has been suggested that the number of wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV) operated by taxi companies might be on the decline. If you've ever experienced difficulty in ordering a ride in such a vehicle, you could broaden your search. Rideshare companies are seeking to fill the gap in the market, and this can make the sourcing and ordering of an appropriate vehicle faster and easier. It's just a question of speaking with the customer service department of the rideshare company to find out how many WAVs are in your area. A combined approach, alternating between taxis and rideshares might be the best bet.

2. Your Front Door

It can be an inconvenience to have to make your way to the front door of your home to let in a visitor, particularly if you have to get into your wheelchair first. So why not let technology take care of this for you? Installing a smart lock in conjunction with a video doorbell allows you to unlock your front door from anywhere in your home, or indeed anywhere in the world (as long as there's an internet connection). The doorbell is activated, meaning that the camera turns on and sends an image of your visitor to your smartphone. You can then unlock your front door using the smart lock app. It couldn't be easier.

3. Your Housekeeping

Mobility issues don't need to affect your housekeeping, although assistance can be required. You might already have a home help who takes care of the bulk of your cleaning, but having "someone" to give the floors a more regular clean can help your home to remain in a consistent state. Robot vacuums are becoming more readily available, and since many models now even return to their charging dock by themselves, all you need to do is occasionally empty their dirt compartment. A less high-tech approach can also help with your laundry, particularly your bed linen. If removing your bedding, washing it,  and then drying it is an exercise in frustration, why not outsource it to a laundry hire service? Some companies can drop off replacement sheets to your home when they pick up the dirty linen, much like accommodation linen supply for holiday homes. You never have to wash and dry your own bedding again, and many services will also take your clothes away and wash them.

Sure, some things can be challenging when you have mobility issues. But there are ways to make many of these challenges a non-event.